Aromatic and functional ingredients

We offer our food industry specialists a wide range of customised technological blends for flavouring, texturing, colouring and preservation of their products.

Our original and inspiring solutions give priority to ease of use, natural products and ‘clean label’ products for a controlled formulation cost.


Savoury blends

Our products :

Flavour blends (seasoning herbs and spices)

Functional blends (preservatives, stabilizers, texturing agents)

Complex blends (flavours, functional and colouring)

Sauce: discover our dedicated selection of flavours or complex mixes


Our products :

Powder marinades

Liquid marinades

Sweet blends


  • Shell nut compounds (pistachio, hazelnut…)
  • Dessert blends (crème brûlée, chocolate mousse)


Our products :

Natural colourings

Browning agent


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